Open innovation  
In order to promote synergies and accelerate technological innovations, we strive for ‘open innovation’ with customers and suppliers, as well as with research centers and universities around the world. Engaging in open innovation can also cut lead times for our customers. 

From emerging idea to automated production line
Finding the right idea and then cultivating it into a product tailored to our customers’ needs requires a specific approach. 

Bekaert maintains its technological leadership through a process of continuous innovation. Our goals are to help to improve your processes, ensure your products enjoy a longer lifespan, have superior properties, a lower total cost of ownership and/or leave a lower environmental footprint.

Putting innovation into practice
In an ever more competitive and demanding environment, customers need combustion technology that can provide it all:

  • Innovative and robust design
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Best price-performance ratio

Bekaert responds to this need with premix gas burners and aluminum heat exchangers that offer a world of new possibilities in a very compact and efficient design.

Agile innovation: we innovate timely and effectively, challenging what we do today to become better tomorrow!

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