Product Solutions

Pioneer and technology leader in creating combustion solutions 

Over the last three decades we have designed more than 50 different cast aluminum condensing heat exchanger models in capacities ranging from 20kW to more than 1 MW. 

Our premix gas burners are efficient combustion solutions for standard and customized heat exchangers.

Whatever you want your heat exchanger to achieve; a higher efficiency, lower emission, wide modulation range and full thermo-acoustic stability, you can rely on our dedicated technology center to either customize an existing burner design or to create a completely new burner. 
Bekaert offers quick turnaround times for burner samples to provide the fastest time to market. 

Download the European Burner Solutions Brochure  pdf
Download the American Burner Solutions Brochure  pdf

Download the European Heat Exchanger Solutions Brochure pdf
Download the American Heat Exchanger Solutions Brochure pdf