Alucom commercial condensing heat exchanger

  • Needs only one cylindrical burner and one fan
  • Low hydraulic pressure drop - lower electrical consumption
  • Compact heat exchanger resulting in a small footprint
  • Requires no ceramic insulation

Product description

The Alucom® line is developed for large commercial applications and has a reliable robust sectional casting design, based on proven technology.

It has a fully water cooled combustion chamber that requires no ceramic insulation.

The material used is aluminium. It is most reliable and offers high heat conductivity properties. This results in very high efficiency.

There are multiple possibilities to connect flow and return and alternative burner hoods are optional.

The Alucom ® heat cells are equipped with Bekaert's round Aconit® gas burners and are available in capacities up to 620 kW / 2800 MBTU/hr.


  • Condensing floor standing boilers for central heating
  • Floor standing boilers for industrial heating     
Download the European Heat Exchanger Solutions Brochure pdf
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