Aconit innovative premix cylindrical or flat burner

Bekaert Comubustion Technology Aconit Burner
  • High performing burner
  • Can adopt any shape
  • Aconit® solutions available for all heat exchanger lay-outs
  • Better heat transfer - lower surface temperature

 Product description

Bekaert is the inventor of the reliable and proven Aconit® technology. It is a high performing, metallic, surface burner.

Based on its special design, you can apply Aconit® in your residential, commercial and industrial applications at loads from 1 kW / 3.8 kBtu/h to 2,5 MW / 3.8 MBtu/h and beyond.

Aconit® burners are equipped with Bekaert's Bekinit® material. This is a knitted metal fiber, which has exceptional performance in flame stability and heat insulation.

It supports burner customization because the elastic properties allow mounting on all different shapes, including complex 3-D shapes.


  • Wall hung condensing boilers
  • Floor standing boilers
  • Instantaneous water heaters
  • Condensing air heaters
  • Gas fired heat pumps
  • Multiple industrial premix gas applications

Download the European Burner Solutions Brochure  pdf
Download the American Burner Solutions Brochure  pdf