Duonit innovative compact with a burning head



  • Suited for longer combustion chambers
  • Many options in height and diameter for all boiler loads
  • Modulation up to 1:40
  • High power outputs of up to 1 MW (bigger sizes available on request)

Product description

Bekaert has combined the best of Aconit® and Furinit®: a hybrid comprising an cylindrical burner in combination with a round head.

This combination offers you a wide range of combinations in diameter and length and an equally wide range in distributing heat load between the cylindrical part and the end cap.

Duonit® is based on the unique Bekaert Bekinit® material. Thanks to its excellent heat resistance, insulation characteristics and flexibility, this material is used as the perfect gas burner surface media.

With the flames on the head of the Duonit® you can significantly reduce the height of the gas burner in relationship to the length of the combustion chamber.


  • Wall hung boilers
  • Floor standing condensing commercial boilers
  • Instantaneous water heater
  • Gas fired heat pumps
  • Multiple industrial premix gas applications

Download the European Burner Solutions Brochure  pdf
Download the American Burner Solutions Brochure  pdf