Insulating coating drying in electrical steel production (GOES and NGOES)

infrared furnaceInsulating coatings (MgO, C3/C4/C5/C6 and self-bonding grades) are commonly applied in the final stages of electrical steel production (grain-oriented and non-grain oriented).
The majority of these coatings is water-based and can be efficiently dried with our compact GemDryer® gas or WebMate® electrical infrared systems.

Coupled with cooling sections, our infrared ovens are supplied as complete packages for both vertical and horizontal DCL (Decarburizing and Coating Line) and ACL (Annealing and Coating Line) designs in either revamp or greenfield projects.

To handle electrical steel laminations/segments, drying-and-cooling systems for deburring and coating lines can also be supplied.

Our benefits:

  • Optimized compactness
  • Lower energy and operating costs
  • Reduced scrapping at exit sections
  • Production boosting